Advanced PPM Webinar

Optimize Your Portfolio Decisions

Selecting the combination of projects that best support the strategic objectives of an organization is a complex decision problem. Many organizations struggle with these decisions, often resulting in endless discussion, use of mathematically invalid selection models, performance reporting that does not consider strategic value, and portfolios that do not deliver the maximum strategic benefit.

EC Comparion provides a way to simplify complex PPM decisions, and determine the relative strategic benefits of each candidate project.  Resource Aligner then lets you select the optimal portfolio under specified budgets and organizational constraints.  You can also use relative strategic benefits combined with traditional metrics to monitor and control the strategic performance of the portfolio.

Join us as we demonstrate more advanced PPM concepts including:

  • Activity Levels
  • Balance & Coverage
  • Diversification
  • Feasibility/Infeasibliity Views
Project Portfolio Management
See how  Expert Choice Comparion and Resource Aligner accelerate, streamline and improve portfolio decisions.

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