Are you sure you have the right risk controls in place?

Tired of worrying about funding redundant controls at the expense of uncontrolled risks?

Tired of struggling to synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to get a real handle on which risks pose the greatest threats? 

Integrate your existing risk processes and RMF risk profile into a fact-based analytics enterprise system that correctly handles quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Expert Choice Riskion can adapt to any risk framework on platform to help you derive reliable, accurate risk and priority measures across your entire enterprise.

Synthesize accurate measures of risk event likelihoods and impacts on your objectives. Map controls to risk events across the entire organization. Optimize your control portfolio , considering various budget levels or other customized constraints.


Easily supports any RMF Framework. NIST 800-30 and ISO 27005  templates available.

Join us March 21st at 12:00 pm EDT  to see Riskion in action.
Learn how to quantify risk and control metrics to drive better risk reduction at lower cost.

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