Get team input and agreement on risk strategy and tactics.
Easily prioritize risk likelihoods and impacts on organizational objectives.
Understand when an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

See for yourself how EC Riskion's comprehensive analytic tools and decision processes  can incorporate both quantitative and qualitative losses (such as loss to reputation.)

  • Identify and Structure Risks while being able to incorporate the "many-to-many" inter-relationships for both qualitative and quantitative  risk elements.

  • Measure risk likelihoods and Impacts in  a scientifically valid manner. Stop using ordinal heat maps measures that are often worse than no measures at all
  • Accurately identify and estimate the effectiveness of potential risk controls
  • Optimize risk reduction for various budget and other resource constraints

Learn how to get faster, better risk management decisions, that are easily explained and endorsed by senior leadership.

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